Clans Battle. Competition features

To participate in the Clans Battle, you need to fulfill several requirements:

  • You must be a Clan member when the Competition is announced
  • Your Kingdom must be at least 30 days old
  • Your Clan must be formed before the Competition appears in the Events window and have at least 1,000,000,000 Influence
  • An opponent must be assigned to your Clan
Before the Competition is announced, all Clans within their Leagues are divided into pairs according to their Influence.

Pairing also depends on the level of activity of the previous Clans Battle participants. This level is defined by the number of checkpoints reached. In the end, there are 4 groups for selecting a pair:

  1. Clans that didn't earn points or earned few points and didn't even reach checkpoint 1
  2. Clans that passed checkpoint 1 but didn't reach 2
  3. Clans that stopped between checkpoints 2 and 5
  4. Clans that passed checkpoint 5

If there are not enough Clans to make pairs in one of the groups, then a Clan from the previous group is selected.

Some Clans can be left without opponents due to an insufficient number of participants. In this case, the youngest Clan or the Clan that has the least Influence will be dropped from the Competition.

You can obtain information about the opposing Clan in the Clans Battle Competition information window if you hit the icon of the enemy Clan.

In the Clans Battle, you can attack any Town of the enemy Clan (marked in red) regardless of its Palace level. Attacking Jarls who are not members of the opposing Clan won't bring you points in the Competition. You also can't attack Jarls from the foreign Kingdom if they are not Clan members and if their Palace is below level 15.

Read more about the features of all global Competitions in the Global Competitions subsection.

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