Jotunheim Competitions

The legendary "Battle for the Throne" Competition is the main event in Jotunheim. For two days, you can capture the Throne of Jotunheim — the central fortress of the world of eternal ice. If you succeed in holding the Throne longer than other Jarls (the duration of all attempts is added together), you become the King of Jotunheim and get unique trophies and privileges.

You can see the detailed description of the rules and features of this Competition in the Battle for the Throne section.

In the "Holding the Throne" clan Competition, you and your clanmates must earn points by holding the Throne of Jotunheim. Any Jarl who has relocated their Town to the world of eternal ice can participate in this Competition. To do so, your Palace needs to be level 21 or higher.

In the "Slaughter in Jotunheim" Competition (both personal and clan) you can earn points by destroying enemy warriors. In the "Destroying Monsters" personal Competition, points are earned for battles with the Troll and Egir's Votary.

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