Support for streamers and content creators

We know how much effort goes into creating high-quality videos and developing your own channel, so we launched the Support Program for Streamers and Content Creators.

Here are brief answers to some frequently asked questions about the Program.

  • What should the content be about? That's up to the creator. The most important thing is that the Vikings community must be interested in the content.
  • What format should be used? This is also up to the creator.
  • What do the Program participants get? Various rewards every month. Their number and value depend on the channel's main criteria: number of views, subscribers, and published content.

All the Program's participants are divided into three levels.

Level 1: The creator receives a monthly reward in the form of in-game items and resources, as well as prioritized technical support. A link to their channel is also posted on the game's official forum.

Level 2: In addition to the things mentioned in the above paragraph, the participant can also conduct joint events with our team (giveaways, news teasers, etc.).

Level 3: As well as everything mentioned above, the creator also gets exclusive artwork made by Plarium for their video and channel.

You can find additional information about the conditions for participation and the rewards on our portal.

Jarls, we appreciate your love for Vikings: War of Clans, and we want to support your desire to share your thoughts and knowledge with others. Apply and receive well-deserved rewards. We look forward to checking out new content and talented creators!

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