Update: upgrades to Strongholds and Towers of Fury

Also, new gems, Shaman's equipment, Reputes, rewards for logging in via Plarium Play, and much more.

Added upon players' requests:
  • Level 5 buildings in the Stronghold

Buildings in the Clan Stronghold, except for the Tower of Odin, can now be upgraded to level 5. This level unlocks:

- Twelve pieces of Knowledge in the Shamans' Residence.

- Three bonuses in the Valley of the Aesir – these increase the Hero's offense and the number of warriors in an Onslaught and reduce the health of enemy troops.

  • Level 6 Tower of Odin

At the fifth and sixth levels of the Tower of Odin, you will encounter new opponents. The enemy troops will be led by jötunn warlords and jötunn generals.

They're difficult to defeat, so before upgrading the Tower of Odin, discuss this with your clanmates and make sure that you'll be able to repel the jötunns' attacks.

At the new levels, the cooldown of Siege status is shorter. At level 5, it lasts two days, and at level 6 – one day.

Also, from level 1 of the Tower of Odin, troops of scouts led by jötunn spies will now sneak into your Clan Stronghold. Only your scouts can fight them.

  • The maximum level of Towers of Fury is 18

We've added six more levels for Towers of Fury. Remember: the higher the level, the more defenders and resources are in a Fortress.

  • Sixteen pieces of Shaman's equipment

These are divided into four sets, the main bonuses of which increase the speed of learning Knowledge, constructing buildings, and training warriors, as well as the number of warriors in an Onslaught.

  • Shaman's equipment upgrades

Shaman's equipment can now also be upgraded in the Forge. Helheim Fire will increase your chances of a successful upgrade. You can read more about this in the "Upgrading equipment" subsection of the "Equipment" section.

  • Reworked Place of Power Reputes

We've increased the list of Reputes and changed some of them. Positive Reputes now have stages I and II.

You can view the list of all Reputes and their bonuses in the Reputes tab of the Place of Power.

  • Changes to the bonuses provided by Kingdom Titles and the "King of Jotunheim" honorific

You can view a list of all Titles and their bonuses in the Titles tab of the Throne of Jotunheim location.

  • The ability to change Clan language

Chiefs can now change the Clan language. To do this, open your Clan's window and go to the Management tab.

  • Quick access to the Healing tab

We've changed the Training icon to the Healing icon in the lower panel. This will allow you to go directly to the Infirmary window and instantly get your troops back into fighting form. You can train your warriors in the Barracks as before.

  • Three upgrade levels for Legendary gems

Some Legendary gems can now be upgraded to levels I, II, and III. To do so, you will need to fuse the main Legendary gem with different quantities of various gems.

Read more about this in the "Fusing and transforming gems" subsection of the "Gems" section, in the part entitled "Upgraded Legendary gems."

  • Three Celestial gems

Celestial gems are special gems that each grant four military bonuses. They don't have any classes or levels, and you cannot receive them as a reward or find them as drops — you can only create them by using specific quantities of various gems, including upgraded Legendary ones.

Read more about this in the "Fusing and transforming gems" subsection of the "Gems" section, in the part entitled "Celestial gems."

  • Increased Banker subscription bonuses

The bonus to convoy capacity has been increased to 400,000%, and the bonus to the capacity of convoys sent to the Stronghold has been raised to 300,000%. If you have an active subscription, the bonuses will update automatically.

  • A reward for logging into the game via Plarium Play for the first time

Players who launch Vikings: War of Clans in the app for the first time will receive 2,000,000 Gold, the "Bastion of the Beast, 5 Days" Town Skin, and three "Hero's Double, 24 Hours" items.

If you haven't launched Plarium Play yet, give it a try. In the app, the game loads faster than in a browser, and the interface will feel more responsive.

  • In-game surveys

From time to time, on the Town screen, to the left of the "Lucrative offer" icon, the survey icon will appear. Be sure to hit the icon when you see it! It's important for us to know what you like and don't like in the game.

  • Removal of Soul Shards that were obtained through cheating

If a player has earned Soul Shards via cheating, we will remove these items from their account. If the items have already been spent, the player's balance will become negative. In order to use Soul Shards again, the player will need to restore a positive balance first.

We've made this decision in order to ensure an enjoyable gameplay experience for Jarls who earn Soul Shards fairly.


- The description of the Bloodlust Knowledge. It grants a permanent bonus to your troops' offense when you send them to perform attacks, Onslaughts, or espionage in Towns. The timer that is launched when a march is sent displays only the time when you cannot use a Peace Treaty. You can read more about this Knowledge in the Bloodlust subsection of the Knowledge section.

- The displaying of long boost names in Spanish and Italian.

- A number of other issues, such as the incorrect displaying of the number of Clan resources during transformation, and the incorrect number of Influence points for upgrading troops.

❗ During the update, access to the game will be restricted, but once technical maintenance is complete, you will receive a reward. For the application to work correctly, please update Vikings: War of Clans to the latest version.

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