Why it's important to restart the game

In Vikings: War of Clans, some events and rewards appear on a timed basis. That's why you need to restart the game from time to time, in order to see any new information. When you restart the game, the following things refresh:

- The Events window:

  • The announcement of Competitions and when they start. If you don't restart the game, there is a chance that you won't see an announcement and will miss the related Competition.
  • News about Invaders, Uber Invaders, and Ghosts that have entered your Kingdom. Restarting the game also affects how they are displayed on the Global Map.
  • The list of bonuses and their effects.

- The reward for loyalty. You need to restart the game in order not to break the sequence of rewards for logging in every day.

- The Bank. From time to time, offers and subscriptions in the Bank are updated. Also, you can now claim a reward for entering the Bank every 24 hours. You need to restart the game in order to make all this work correctly.

- Quests. When you restart the game, up-to-date daily, weekly, and monthly Quests appear, instead of ones that have already expired.

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