Beware of scammers

Scams have become a common problem these days. You can come across scammers everywhere, including in online games. The majority of their schemes are aimed at inexperienced users. In Vikings: War of Clans, scammers might offer you the following:

  • A "boosted" account when beginning to play the game, that is, an account with a high-level Palace
  • Content (e.g. resources) at a substantially lower price than in the game
  • Access to certain coordinates on the Global Map

These are by no means all tricks that scammers usually use. Remember: the consequences of a deal with them are often irreversible.

What can happen?

One of the most prevalent offers made by scammers is when they sell game accounts. Let's take a look at what this can lead to.

  • You might buy an active account, but after a while, it may emerge that the account was transferred to you by a scammer, and it will be blocked.
  • You may receive an account for which the ability to make in-game purchases has been blocked. Scammers often palm these accounts off by claiming they are active.
  • Even if you change your login and password, scammers will still be able to log in to the account they sold to you at any time. Read more about this in the article entitled "Why it is dangerous to transfer your account data."
  • Technical support will be unavailable to you. We don't have the right to help users with accounts they didn't create. If our support specialists have suspicions regarding whether or not you are the creator of the account, they can request information from you to verify this.
  • If you want to get a refund on a purchase you've made, the Plarium company won't be able to help you. We are unable to administer financial transactions that are connected to third parties because they are all carried out via external payment systems.

In some cases, scammers might ask you for the details of your own game account. You must not transfer this information, since doing so is prohibited according to the Terms of Use. Subclause "d" of clause 3, entitled "Use of the Service," reads as follows:

In registering for the Service, you agree to ... maintain and promptly update the Registration Data to keep it true, accurate, current, and complete. You are responsible for all activities that occur under your Account. You may not share your Account or password with anyone, and you agree to ... notify Plarium immediately of any unauthorized use of your password or any other breach of security. ... If you provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current, or incomplete, or Plarium has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, not current, or incomplete, Plarium has the right to suspend or terminate your Account and refuse any and all current or future use of the Service (or any portion thereof).

In other words, account blocking is one possible repercussion of dealing with scammers.

You should also remember that transferring your login and password can sometimes lead to a data leak of your personal information. Scammers can thus gain access to your email, phone number, and payment details. You never know how this data may be used: for sending spam or in order to steal money from your bank account.

How can you protect yourself?

It's easy: don't participate in suspicious deals and don't fall for scammers' tricks. Remember that sometimes scammers might even claim to be Plarium employees, but our company only communicates with our players via its official profiles on VK, Facebook, the forum, and via the customer support service.

If you've come across any scams in the game, please make sure to inform us about the issue. Together we'll make Vikings: War of Clans better.

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