Update: Hall of Glory and Fury bonuses schedule

Also, lots of new features for players who are just starting out in the game.

  • The Hall of Glory

This appears in the House of Jarls when the latter reaches level 5. In the Hall of Glory, a Clan's Chief can learn additional Clan Knowledge in exchange for Glory Points. All Clans earn these points when they pass checkpoints in clan Competitions or reach the top places in rankings.

When you learn a piece of Knowledge in a new category, the cost of upgrading Knowledge in the remaining categories increases. That's why it's best to prioritize upgrading Knowledge from the categories your Clan needs most, because they will be cheaper.

Read more about the Hall of Glory in the Game Guide, which can be found both in the game itself and on the portal.

  • The schedule for the Kingdoms Battle: Fury

You can now find out in advance when and in which of the four opposing Kingdoms temporary bonuses and Towers of Fury will appear. To do so, reveal slots in the schedule in exchange for Soul Shards or Gold.

Read more about the schedule of the Kingdoms Battle: Fury bonuses in the Game Guide, which can be found both in the game itself and on the portal.

Added for new players:
  • The novice's marathon

Complete various game tasks for seven days to earn rewards, develop your Town, and get a better understanding of the game. When you complete a certain number of Quests, you'll receive a Hero's Skin, a piece of Hero's equipment, and a Town Skin.

In order to view the marathon's Quests, select the book icon on the Town screen.

  • Quests for destroying Invaders and the ability to search more easily for these foes

Destroy Invaders of levels 1–3 and receive a reward. In order to view the Quests, select the warrior icon on the Global Map.

Search for Invaders in the window that contains the Quests for destroying them. Hit the "Attack" button, and the game will either suggest attacking an enemy near your Town or create a new one if there are no enemies nearby.

Incidentally, the novice's marathon also has Quests for destroying Invaders. Eliminating these enemies counts toward both the Quests for destroying Invaders and the novice's marathon.

  • The novice's reward

In order to receive this, simply log in to the game for seven days after completing the tutorial. Every day, the rewards increase in value, and you'll receive the most valuable reward on the last day.

After these seven days have passed, the reward for loyalty will appear instead of the novice's reward.

  • Competitions for new players

Previously, new players took part in personal Competitions together with all other players, and it was more difficult for them to compete for the top places. However, there are now separate personal Competitions for novices, with their own Leagues and rewards.

Once new players have upgraded their Palace to level 18, they start taking part in Competitions in which all other players participate too.

All the above new features appear once new players have completed the tutorial.

  • Displaying amounts of Gold higher than 1 billion

Previously, this amount of Gold wouldn't fit in some windows.

In order to update the game, we'll be carrying out some technical maintenance. You won't be able to log in to the game during that time.

❗ Don't forget to upgrade Vikings: War of Clans to the latest version, since the previous version may not work correctly.

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