Update: puzzle games

Also, new Town Skins, changes to the Battle for Asgard, and interface improvements.

  • Puzzle games

Take on the role of the Treasure Hunter and explore various hideouts. Evade all the traps and make it to the treasure to receive a reward. The contents of the reward depend on the level of your Palace. Read more about puzzle games in the Game Guide, which can be found either in the game itself or on the portal.

  • Six new Town Skins

The Skins are Black Castle, Eagle's Eyrie, Citadel of the Sun, Villein Abode, Iron Fortress, and Tower of Triumph. You'll be able to activate them for three hours or 24 hours.

Added upon players' requests:
  • A separate window with Paladin Quests

To open it, select the new icon on the Global Map screen.

  • The "Generate location" button in the Watchtower

Use it if the Watchtower fails to find a Paladin Cohort. The button has a cooldown.

  • Relocations during the Battle for Asgard

If you join a Clan after the Competition was announced, you won't be able to relocate your Town to Asgard.

  • The number of warriors in jötunns' troops

The number of warriors in troops led by jötunns has increased.

  • Reports about attacks on Paladins

The enemy warriors now have the correct icons: melee warriors have a yellow background, while killers have a red one.

  • The progress bar for resource yielding in Gifts of the Gods locations

The quantity of resources available for yielding by your troop is now shown correctly on the bar and corresponds to the capacity of the troop.

In order to update the game, we'll be carrying out some technical maintenance. You won't be able to log in to the game during that time.

❗ Don't forget to upgrade Vikings: War of Clans to the latest version, since the previous version may not work correctly.

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