Update: the Battle for Asgard

Also, new items for bolstering Onslaughts on Towns, automatic boost selection, and more.

  • The Battle for Asgard

This is a new legendary Competition that is held in a separate world called Asgard.

Clans will have to capture Asgard Towers and make their way from the edges of the map toward the central Fortress. By holding Towers, Clans receive points.

By passing checkpoints and taking the top places in the Competition ranking, Clans earn Medals of the Aesir. Chiefs can then spend these in the Asgard Store and send their purchases to their clanmates.

Here's what's available in the Asgard Store:

- New pieces of equipment for your Shamans

- Town and Hero's Skins from foreign lands

- Various coffers

- Items, including new "Warrior Number in Onslaughts on Towns" boosts with bonuses of 850%, 1,500%, and 2,500% that last for 20 minutes each

Read more about the Competition in the Battle for Asgard section of the Game Guide.

  • A new limit on purchases made in exchange for Gold

Previously, the limit on one purchase was 10M Gold. It is now 100M Gold.

  • The User ID section in the Menu

We've renamed the "About the game" section as "User ID" so that you can find your user ID more quickly. We have also added the "Delete account" button to this section. Hit it to send an application to delete your account from the game.

Added upon players' requests:
  • Automatic boost selection

Now, if you want to complete a process sooner, the game will automatically select boosts with optimal duration values.

If you don't have enough items to complete the process, the system will suggest that you use all the boosts that are available to you.


- A display error regarding Hero's Skill points in the "After upgrade" block in a Hero's Abode of level 36–40.

- An error whereby you couldn't replace a Hero Set if a piece of equipment was inlaid with the same gems as a piece of equipment that was already in the Set.

- An error whereby the duration of a Knowledge upgrade before you started the process differed from what was shown after you started the process. This issue appeared in Kingdoms with the "Lands of Wealth Hunters" Title.

- A display error regarding the amount of Hero's energy used for attacking an Invader in the window showing information about the Invader and in the Palace statistics. The values shown were changing for players who were affected by the Hero's Energy Depletion bonus from the Valley of the Aesir. The error appeared after the players opened the chat window or the window showing information about the Stronghold.

❗ During the update, access to the game will be restricted, but once technical maintenance is complete, you will receive a reward. For the application to work correctly, please update Vikings: War of Clans to the latest version.

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