Upgrading equipment

Upgrading equipment is one way of increasing the bonuses provided by your Hero's and Shaman's Legendary equipment. There are nine upgrade levels in total.

You can only upgrade the pieces of equipment that have a special marker on their icons. If your equipment doesn't have a marker, you cannot upgrade it. Equipment that has already been upgraded has the upgrade level displayed on it.

To open the window for upgrading equipment, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Stock tab of the Forge.
  2. Select a piece of equipment with a marker.
  3. Hit the "Upgrade" button in the window that shows detailed information about the equipment.

In the window for upgrading equipment that opens, you can see the components that will be consumed in the upgrade process. If you don't have any of the required items, their icons will be highlighted in red. Select one of these red icons to view a hint explaining how to obtain the required material.

This window also shows the chance for the piece of equipment to be successfully upgraded and the new values of its bonuses.

The higher the upgrade level, the lower the chance for success.

You can increase this chance closer to 100% by using the Helheim Fire item, which can be obtained in the Catacombs. The total number of all the Helheim Fire items that you already have is displayed in the My Items tab, in the Resources section.

You can avoid using Helheim Fire items and rely on just the base chance of success. But remember: in this case, the probability that the upgrade will be successful will be lower and a positive outcome is not guaranteed. For higher upgrade levels, it is impossible to reach a 100% chance of success, even by using Helheim Fire items.

If the upgrade fails, you lose the consumable components and any Helheim Fire that you used. The equipment you were trying to upgrade is left as it is, and its upgrade level doesn't change.

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