In-Game Rules

General Provisions

These rules (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) constitute an integral annex to the Terms of Use and shall be obeyed by all Users of the Game. The Rules and restrictions are not exhaustive and do not cover all possible cases of violations.

The purpose of these Rules is to ensure a comfortable gaming experience and a respectful attitude toward all Users.

Plarium reserves the right to decide what behavior and what actions are considered to be a violation of the Terms of Use provisions and the procedure for using the Service. In case of a violation of the specified provisions, Plarium has the right at its sole discretion to decide whether to perform actions including, but not limited to, deletion of your Account, prohibition on using the Service, and reporting to the relevant authorities. Plarium has the right to change, supplement, or delete the Rules at any time, informing you about this by posting the updated Terms of Use on the Site, posting the news in the Game and in official game communities, or, depending on your Account settings, via email.

Below you can find the measures that can be taken against Users in case of a violation of the Rules:

  • In-game warning.
  • Bank blocking — temporary and permanent blocks are possible.
  • Blocking of access to the Game, the forum, or the game community in social networks for a period from one day to a permanent (unlimited) block.
  • Revocation of game elements, game achievements, as well as deprivation of rights to unactivated data and commands, including rights to use in-game currency, without compensation (including in form of returning the Account to its state preceding the corresponding violation) if they were obtained by means of violating the rules of the Game, Terms of Use, other Plarium rules, or conditions of the corresponding contests or giveaways.

Please be aware that repeated and multiple violations will lead to more stringent restrictions, including permanent (unlimited) Account blocking.

1. User Obligations

1.1. In their actions in the Game, Users shall follow these Rules, the Terms of Use, and other regulatory documents.

1.2. Users are obliged to inform the Plarium technical support team about errors and malfunctions they discover in the application. If a player exploits an error in order to gain a profit or game advantages, thus violating Plarium's intellectual property rights, this will be considered malicious behavior and punished accordingly irrespective of the consequences of such actions.

1.3. Users must not spread false information about the Game and/or plans for its development.

1.4. Users must not use the Game by means that go beyond the usual game process and that are not envisaged by the Terms of Use, rules of the Game, or other Plarium rules.

Plarium oversees the observation of these Rules. The authorized representatives of the company (hereinafter referred to as the Administration) have the right to change and delete any information that is posted in the Game, official communities, and other resources, which may constitute a threat to Users' safety (their life, health, personal data, etc.), as well as which violates the rules of morality and ethics, or the present Rules.

2. Prohibited Activities

2.1. Receiving and transferring access to Accounts is prohibited, including:

  • Any form of Account access transfer to third parties, including temporary exchanges.
  • Demanding access to another person's Account.
  • Performing an unauthorized login or hacking into another person's Account.

2.2. Breaking the game's balance is prohibited, including:

  • Fixing fights with controlled results, deliberately losing any battle with the purpose of winning a Competition, and other forms of conspiracy.

A conspiracy in a game means planned actions with a result that is known in advance to the conspiring parties. For example, one party concedes, and the other party receives advantages as a result, or their planned actions lead to infringement of a third party's chances in the game.

  • Creation and use of Accounts or Clan Strongholds for purposes not envisaged in the Terms of Use or these Rules.
  • Getting points in Competitions bypassing the system, including the use of alternative/additional Accounts for the purpose of earning points in Competitions, for example:
    • attacking your own additional Accounts in an enemy Kingdom;
    • mass creation of additional Accounts in an enemy Kingdom in order to prevent this Kingdom's Clans from earning points;
    • creation of additional Accounts in an enemy Kingdom for the purpose of taking space for reinforcements in the Towers of Fury with a small number of warriors (thus preventing other Clans from filling the Towers of Fury with reinforcements completely) and subsequently attacking the Fortresses with your own Clan.
  • Other means of arranging and obtaining unfair results in Competitions.

2.3. The use of Accounts for commercial purposes is prohibited, including:

  • Buying, selling, transferring Accounts, or gaining access to other Accounts in order to purchase unique Bank offers.
  • Buying and selling resources or other game-related or non-game-related valuables in the Game.
  • Using an Account, the Site, or the Service for advertising or hard-selling, as well as for transmitting any commercial advertisements, including mailouts, unsolicited or repeated messages (spam and spim), to any person.

2.4. Bank manipulations are prohibited, including:

  • Reimbursement of monetary funds for already used and spent in-game valuables, acquisition of undue game advantage.
  • Any manipulations with the Bank and various methods of bypassing the standard Bank functionality that violate the underlying principles intended by the Game's developers.

2.5. Other violations are also prohibited, including:

  • Creation of a Clan/several Clans and subsequent construction of the Stronghold/several Strongholds occupying a territory on the Global Map for the purpose of violating the rules of the Terms of Use, creating obstacles for the comfortable playing experience of other Users and Clans, or for other non-game-related purposes.
  • Providing the support team with false information, as well as attempting to confuse them in order to deceive and gain personal advantages.
  • Creation and/or use of a primary and/or additional Account to hinder other Users' enjoyment of the Game or to groundlessly receive in-game valuables, including, but not limited to, actions performed for the following purposes:
    • to cause a high load on game servers;
    • to cause the Game to lag or freeze for other Users;
    • to fill up free space on the Global Map;
    • to prevent other players from using the Game's functionality by exploiting specific features of the application's functionality restrictions related to the processing and displaying of information.

3. Chats and Name Violations

In the Game (that is, in the game chats, private messages, Account nicknames, names of the Towns and Strongholds, Hero names, Clan names and descriptions, etc.), the following is prohibited:

3.1. Sending messages that take up too much space and/or are meaningless (flooding). Excessive use of emojis and punctuation marks is also considered flooding.

3.2. Bulk messaging with information that Users did not request and showed no interest in receiving (spamming).

3.3. Posting commercial advertisements of any type, in particular links to web resources and persuasive advertisements of third-party developers' projects. Exception: links to Plarium resources and entertaining resources defined by the Administration as friendly.

3.4. Insults, threats, persecution in the Game, incitement of ethnic and religious conflicts, discrimination, use of humiliating nicknames associated with race, religion, gender, or other characteristics when mentioning Users or the Administration.

3.5. Offensive language (swear words), including veiled language: obscene words and expressions written with grammatical errors, intentional substitutions, additions, or deletions of characters, but that still allow the offensive meaning of the message to be understood.

3.6. Writing messages with content that is directly or indirectly associated with organizations that violate international legislation.

3.7. Promotion of drugs and alcohol, including calls for their use, as well as other information that may encourage a desire to use the above-mentioned substances.

3.8. Discussion, promotion, and use of pictures, texts, or scenes of a sexual nature with the participation of minors, as well as any forms of violence, exploitation, and related topics that may be harmful to minors or may threaten their safety.

3.9. Distribution of Users' personal information or data without their consent.

3.10. Slander, posting of intentionally false information about the Game, Administration, or Users.

3.11. Posting requests to transfer real money, any social network's currency, virtual, in-game, or other valuables from one User to another in exchange for real money.

3.12. Discussion of possibilities and methods for inflicting material or digital harm on Users, the Administration, or the Game as a whole, as well as threats of violence in real life expressed toward Users or the Administration.

3.13. Discussion of game errors in order to make a profit or gain game advantages.

3.14. All kinds of provocations and inducements for Users to violate the Terms of Use or rules of the Game. Provocations can be represented by sending messages and performing actions inducing other Users to violate the rules.

3.15. Variants of nicknames, names (full and shortened), abbreviations, and userpics that:

  • are directly or indirectly associated with organizations, as well as historical or political figures that have been convicted of crimes against humanity by an international tribunal;
  • are directly or indirectly associated with members or names of terrorist organizations including those active at the moment;
  • directly or indirectly allude to the trading of accounts or in-game valuables or to the provision of services in the game with the purpose of making a financial profit;
  • contain references to racial or national supremacy that promote discrimination at all levels;
  • are of an offensive or obscene nature;
  • are in any way insulting toward people with disabilities or other health conditions;
  • are discriminatory toward any ethnic or racial groups;
  • are directly or indirectly associated with sexual intercourse or violence;
  • are associated with pedophilia or any kind of harassment;
  • fully or partly contain copyrighted and/or registered elements or trademarks;
  • contain information that could lead to the erroneous perception that the User is an Administrator;
  • contain abbreviations, expressions, or word combinations with offensive language;
  • promote alcohol or drugs.

If nicknames, names (full and shortened), abbreviations, or userpics of Users in the Game violate the Rules, they must be changed. If any in-game content cannot be changed by a User, it will be changed by the Administration. If after a first violation, a User again uses nicknames, names (full and shortened), abbreviations, or userpics that violate the Rules, access to the Game for this User may be blocked. If the name or description of a Clan or the name of a Stronghold violate the Rules, the Clan may be disbanded.

4. Third-party Software

4.1. It is prohibited to use third-party software that directly or indirectly interferes with the Game's code, influences it, or affects the game process.

4.2. In the Game, it is prohibited to post information of any kind for the purpose of gaining access to Users' Accounts or personal data, committing financial fraud, electronic cheating, or the extortion of such information by means of threats or moral, physical, or technical pressure. Among other things, the prohibited actions include the following:

  • requests for the login and password to an Account or email account;
  • posting links to third-party resources disguised as the Game's official resources;
  • sending Users private messages under the guise of the Administration requesting that Users send their login and/or password, or other personal data;
  • sending Users messages requesting that they install any kind of software;
  • distributing any information that may damage Users or the Administration;
  • falsely impersonating a representative of the Administration.

5. Miscellaneous

5.1. The Chief's authority can be transferred to another Clan member if the Chief hasn't logged in to the Game for a long time.

5.2. A Clan can be disbanded if all players in the Clan haven't logged in to the Game for a long time.

5.3. All information on players will be kept for as long as necessary to implement all the existing rules, but in most cases for no longer than three years. After this time expires, all the data, including the game Account, can be deleted. We have the right to extend the retention time for your data if it is stipulated by current legislation.