Holmgang. Forts

Forts are Fortresses that are located on the Islands of Trials. Forts become available during the Holmgang Competition. Island Guards (who are neutral troops and scouts) and resources can be found there.

There are 30 Forts on the Islands of Trials in total: six Forts for every pair of Clans that are participating in the Competition. Forts can belong to:

  • Your Clan. These have a green marker. You can send reinforcements to them and set traps there (one trap in each Fort).
  • The opposing Clan. These Forts have a red marker. During battles, you can attack them, as well as send Onslaughts or scouts to them.
  • Other Clans. Their Forts have a gray marker, and you cannot interact with them.

Forts are located in the midst of the Dark Swamps. Jarls' Towns cannot be placed in these lands and have an active Peace Treaty at the same time.

You can find Forts using the mini-map. Your Clan's Fortresses have a green marker on the mini-map, while the opposing Clan's Fortresses have a red marker. Forts belonging to other Clans are not displayed on the mini-map.

A Fort's level is determined randomly at the beginning of each phase. This level affects the amount of resources and the number of Island Guards in the Fortress, as well as the number of points the opposing Clan will earn for destroying the Fort. Forts can have nine levels in total.

During each phase, opponents' Forts can differ in terms of their levels, but the sum of the levels of one Clan's Forts will always be equal to the sum of the levels of the other Clan's Forts as of the end of all phases of the Competition, so that the Clans can earn an equal number of points.

You can view a Fort's level in the Fort window during the preparation periods and during battles themselves.

You can interact with Forts in different ways during each Competition phase:

  • The waiting period: you can only view information about a Fortress.
  • Preparation for an attack: during this period, a Clan cannot perform any actions in Forts, just as during the waiting period.
  • Preparation for defense: a Peace Treaty is activated in all Forts, and your Clan members can send reinforcements to the Fortresses that belong to your Clan and set traps there.
  • Siege period: Forts become vulnerable to attack, Onslaughts, or espionage. The defending Clan can still send reinforcements to their Fortresses and set traps there.
In each Fort, just as in other Fortresses, the maximum number of reinforcement troops is 50.

Successfully attacking Forts allows you to do the following:

  • Earn Soul Shards for killing enemy warriors and the neutral troops that guard the Fortresses
  • Plunder resources
  • Earn points in the Competition

A Fort can have one of two statuses: intact and destroyed. If a Fortress is successfully attacked at least once, it catches fire. The defending Clan cannot send reinforcements to a burning Fort.

The attacking Clan can still send troops to a Fort that has been destroyed until the remaining resources run out. After that, it is not possible to attack the Fort or send Onslaughts to it.

To manage a Fort's defense, select it on the Global Map and hit the "Enter" button in the window that opens.

In the Info tab, you can see the Fort's level, the Competition phase, and the time left until the current phase ends. The Clan Chief and Elders can also set a trap in this tab.

In the Troops tab, you can see the number of Island Guards in the Fort, as well as any reinforcements that have been sent by clanmates.

Please note:

  • If a Jarl sends reinforcements to a Fort, but the latter is successfully attacked while the troops are still marching to it, they will turn and go back to the Town after reaching their destination. The Jarl who sent the reinforcements will receive a message regarding the failed march.
  • Reinforcements that have been sent to a Fort will remain there until they are recalled, until the first time the Fortress is attacked successfully, or until the Competition ends.
  • If a Jarl who has sent reinforcements is expelled from the Clan, the Jarl's troops will return to their Town.
  • The Island Guards (neutral troops) fight side by side with Jarls to defend a Fortress and occupy one reinforcement slot by default.
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