Holiday Uber Invaders

Holiday Uber Invaders appear on the Global Map on certain days and only for three hours.

You can destroy a holiday Uber Invader with one hit: your Hero needs only 100 units of energy and the learned "Unlock Invaders I" Knowledge. For doing this, you will receive a valuable trophy: an Uber Invader's Treasure.

The level of the Treasure (from 1 to 6) depends on the damage dealt by your Hero. The stronger the hit, the higher the level of the Treasure, and the bigger the reward it contains. You can view the total number of Treasures you have in the My Items tab, Treasures section.

Please note:

  • After you destroy a holiday Uber Invader, no resource location is left
  • These opponents are distributed evenly all over the Kingdom
  • They have their own unique symbols (instead of the standard Uber Invader symbol)
  • In the Events window, holiday Uber Invaders are displayed as usual Uber Invaders
  • Destroying holiday Uber Invaders doesn't count towards points in Competitions
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