Quest list, points, and rewards

One unique aspect of this list is that it refreshes every 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days. The precise refresh interval is connected to your first visit to the game.

By completing these Quests, you earn special points and receive Coffers of rewards. After the list refreshes, all the earned points are reset and you need to earn them again to obtain new trophies.

You can complete several Quests at once and in a random order. All Quest sets and rewards for them are available to Jarls of any level.

The difficulty of Quests depends on the Jarl's Palace level, but they refresh only after the timer expires. Let's say you started completing weekly Quests when your Palace was level 15. The next day, you upgrade your Palace to level 16, but you continue completing the Quests provided for level 15 and receiving the corresponding rewards. The Quests list and rewards will refresh after 7 days.

Points and Coffers

Points for completing Quests are earned automatically and then added together.

When you earn a certain number of points, you reach the checkpoint and receive a Coffer containing a reward. To view the list of trophies and claim them, select the checkpoint icon.

In the window that opens, you will also be offered a Northern Brotherhood subscription. It will give you extra rewards for Quests until it expires. 

After reaching a checkpoint, your earned points don't disappear but continue to build up so you can reach the next Coffer. When you reach the last checkpoint, you stop earning points and you can start earning them again after the Quests list refreshes.

For each subsequent checkpoint, you receive a more valuable Coffer.

When the Quests list refreshes, the Coffers of rewards refresh as well. All the points and Coffers you have earned disappear, and to get new ones you need to complete the newly added Quests.

It's also useful to remember:

  • If a checkpoint hasn't been reached, the number of points required to reach it are displayed on the icon.
  • If you reached a checkpoint but didn't claim the reward, the icon will be highlighted.
  • If you have already claimed the Coffer for reaching a checkpoint, its icon is marked with a special sign — a green checkmark.
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