Recommendations for contacting support

You can ask any question by filling out the feedback form on the Vikings: War of Clans support portal.

You can also contact support by hitting the "Support Team" button in the game Menu.

Then follow the instructions:

  1. When contacting support via the portal, you'll need to select the platform you play on. If you contact support via the game itself, the platform will be selected automatically.
  2. If there are any issues that we are currently aware of in the game, a page showing the list of these issues appears. To proceed, hit the "Ask a question" button at the bottom of the page. If no such issues are found, the feedback form opens directly.
  3. Select the response language.
  4. Include your name and the email address to which the Support Team should send answers.
  5. Write your question (the text should not exceed 3,000 characters).
  6. Attach files if necessary. The maximum size of one file is 10 MB. Permitted formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG, PDF. Please note: to attach more than one file, select several files for uploading at once. If you add files one by one, they will replace each other.
  7. Don't forget to read the Terms of Use and the Privacy and Cookie Policy.

When writing a message, you should follow several rules.

  • Always provide your user ID (you can find it by opening the User ID section of the Menu), or your Clan name and tag, precise Town coordinates, and Kingdom name/number. This information will help us find your account.
  • Describe the situation in detail, write the sequence of your actions step by step. If you have questions, describe them in as much detail as possible. The more detail you provide, the faster the support team will understand your message and send you the answer without asking you for additional information. 
  • We recommend that you attach screenshots* of the game mechanic your question is related to. When describing a problematic situation, you should attach a screenshot of the outcome you consider to be wrong. For example, if your question is related to a battle and its results, then attach a screenshot of a report including the date and time of the battle. If you have a question concerning a purchase you made, then attach a screenshot of the payment receipt. 

* You can find out how to take a screenshot in the user manual of your device.

  • If you have a technical question, specify the game version (you can find it by opening the User ID section of the Menu), your device's model, and operating system version (usually this information is shown in the device settings).
  • If you need to restore access to your account, you must provide your Kingdom number/name and precise Town coordinates in two accounts — the lost account and the current account. Include how much Gold you had on your lost account and the device you used to log into it, and attach payment receipts if you have any. This will help us ensure that the account is really yours. 
  • Your message should not be the same as the previous message. If you have exceeded the messages limit, write to the support team later or try to rephrase your question. 
  • Messages to the support team should not contain prohibited content or violate the Terms of Use, which you can read on our official site. 
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