About the game: guides and glossaries for novices

This section is for players who are taking their first steps in the game. Here you will find out the best way to start developing in Vikings: War of Clans, and you will also learn the game terminology and slang.

Main mechanics


As soon as you launch the game, your Town will be displayed on the screen. To familiarize yourself with all the elements of your Town, read the Jarl's Town section.


One of the most important game mechanics is building construction. Buildings are required in order to produce resources, train warriors, learn Knowledge, develop your Hero, and earn Influence points.

Read the Buildings and Jarl's Palace sections to find out what buildings exist in the game, what their purposes are, and what you need in order to build them.


Pay attention to the Oracle — one of the most important buildings in the Town. Here you can learn Knowledge that increases military and economic stats and unlocks new mechanics.


To develop in Vikings: War of Clans, you need to yield resources and take part in Competitions. Viking troops play a big part in this. Read the Troops section to learn about the different types of warriors and how to train them.


Resources are required for almost all processes in the game. Without them, you won't be able to construct buildings, learn Knowledge, train warriors, or craft equipment.

The basic resources are Food, Lumber, Stone, Iron, and Silver. You can produce these in the Town or yield them outside of your Town.

Gold is a special resource. It can be used to purchase items and boosts, and it also allows you to instantly train warriors, construct buildings, learn Knowledge, and craft equipment without having to wait.

You can read more about resources and how to get them in the Resources and Gold sections.


Your Hero is the leader of your troops. Upgrade the Hero's Skills to develop your Town and improve your army's stats. Read more about this in the Hero section.


There are several ways to regularly receive in-game valuables as a gift:

  • Log in to the game daily and claim your reward for loyalty
  • Go to the Bank daily and claim your reward in the Subscriptions tab
  • Open the Chest of Loki, where you can find a random reward each time: resources, warriors, items, and more

Global Map

Selecting the Global Map icon will take you to the territory of your Kingdom. Here, besides your Town, you can also find:

  • Other Jarls' Towns. Attack them to obtain resources and earn Hero's experience.
  • Resource locations. Capture them to yield resources, which are needed for your Town's development.
  • Invaders and Uber Invaders. Only your Hero can attack these enemies. By fighting them, you can receive materials for crafting Hero's equipment, gems, and items.
  • Ghosts and Supreme Ghosts. Your Shaman can fight these opponents. You can summon a Shaman after upgrading your Palace to level 12.
  • Paladin Cohorts. They have 100 levels. When you defeat a Cohort of each level for the first time, you receive a reward for completing the corresponding Quest. Attack Paladins using your warriors or send your scouts to them in order to practice doing battle.
  • Place of Power. This is a Fortress in the center of a Kingdom. The Jarl who captures and holds it becomes the Konung of the whole Kingdom and receives bonuses.

To get a schematic view of all the most important objects in the Kingdom, select the mini-map icon, which is located in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

Kingdoms Map

As well as your own Kingdom, there are also other Kingdoms in the game. To see them, open the Kingdoms Map.

VIP status

The more you develop your Town, the more resources and time you need in order to perform various actions in the game. One of the most effective ways to reduce costs and speed up processes is by acquiring VIP status. You can read about which bonuses it grants and how to activate it in the VIP status section.

Boosts and items

You can also speed up processes and improve stats with special boosts and items. By using them, you can strengthen your troops, defend your Town, increase resource production, move around your Kingdom and beyond, and more.

Quests and Tasks

Quests and Tasks are another way to speed up your development in the game. Complete these short missions regularly and receive resources, materials, and other rewards for doing so.


In Vikings: War of Clans, you can unite with other Jarls and form Clans. This will give you additional advantages: clanmates can help each other with resources and reinforcements, perform joint attacks, and take part in clan Competitions. Read more about this in the Clans and Clan Stronghold sections.


Competitions are regular events in which Jarls complete tasks in order to receive items, boosts, Gold, and other rewards.

There are various types of Competitions. Personal Competitions are available from the very first day you start playing the game, and you can take part in clan Competitions after you have joined a Clan. Once you've tried out those events, check out global Competitions: battles between Jarls from different Kingdoms.

Global Competitions:


A Season is a period during which the Seasonal Store is open. There you can buy items, resources, coffers, as well as unique Town and Hero's Skins in exchange for a special currency. To earn the currency, take part in seasonal personal Competitions.

What to do next

You've found out what awaits you at the beginning of the game. Now you can learn about the game's more complicated mechanics.

When your Palace reaches level 10, the entrance to Helheim opens. This is a separate world where Jarls explore the Catacombs, fight Warriors of Gloom in turn-based combat, and receive rewards: items, boosts, military bonuses, etc.

When you reach Palace level 12, you'll be able to build the Hall of Mysteries in your Town and summon Shamans. Just like your Hero, Shamans can lead your troops and improve their stats.

Upgrade your Shamans' Skills, craft equipment for them, and send them to attack Ghosts. Among the trophies you can obtain, you'll find items, boosts, and rune fragments.

You've probably already tried attacking other Jarls' Towns. However, to make your battles as efficient as possible, study all the finer points of military marches, as well as the mechanics of joint attacks, which are called "Onslaughts."

Read about achievements and Town Skins. They grant additional bonuses to military and economic stats.

In order to track your progress, check out your Influence points. They are the main indicator of your strength in the game. You can view your own successes, as well as those of other Jarls, in the Rankings window.

When you reach Palace level 18, you'll be able to construct the Sanctuary of the Aesir. The blessing and patronage of these gods will improve the stats of your warriors and help you in battle.

At Palace level 21, new locations will become available to you:

Once your Palace has reached level 34, head to Asgard together with your Clan and participate in the Battle for Asgard legendary Competition.

Make sure you read the "Linking and restoring your account" section. There you'll find out how you can play the game on different devices and how to prevent yourself from losing your game progress.

You're now ready for your journey into the world of Vikings. Good luck!

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