You can add the boosts that you use most often to the Favorites tab in the Boosts window, giving you quick access to them. To do so, find the required boost and mark it using the star icon. This icon can also be used to delete a boost from your Favorites.

The boosts you've added to your Favorites are divided into two types:

  • Boosts to be applied individually — these are boosts that you can only apply on an item-by-item basis. Town Skins and Aesir that are saved in the Favorites also fall under this category.
  • Boosts to be applied in bulk — these boosts can be activated simultaneously. These are military boosts from the following categories: Troop Defense, Enemy Troop Defense, Enemy Troop Health, Number of Warriors in a Troop, Marching Speed, Troop Offense, Enemy Troop Offense, Infirmary Expander, Revival of Warriors, and Troop Headcount in Onslaught.

You can also individually apply boosts that are available to be activated in bulk. The list of these boosts is updated automatically when you add new boosts to your Favorites. You cannot add boosts that can only be applied individually to this list.

If you add multiple military boosts from the same category to your Favorites, the "Boosts to be applied in bulk" section will show the boosts with the maximum bonus. The remaining boosts will go to the list of boosts to be applied individually.

To apply boosts in bulk, first select the duration for which you want to activate them. To do so, specify the number of minutes, hours, or days in the "Boosts to be applied in bulk" section and hit the "Apply boosts" button. The game will automatically select the required number of items.

The minimum duration for which you can activate boosts in bulk is 10 minutes, and the maximum duration is 6 days, 23 hours, and 50 minutes.

If a boost is marked in yellow in the list, that means you don't have enough items to activate to achieve the specified duration. Alternatively, it might also mean that the total duration of items the game has selected exceeds the duration you specified. In this case, the boost will be activated nonetheless, but for a shorter or longer period of time.

If you run out of a boost for bulk application, it is marked in red in the list.

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