The Hero leads your troops on marches, adding bonuses to the combat stats of your warriors, and can also attack Invaders and Uber Invaders.

The Hero's Abode displays all necessary information about your Hero, including statistics and available equipment, and also allows you to create Sets. Upgrading this building increases the bonus to the Hero's experience. Hero's Abode levels 21, 26, and 31–35 give your Hero additional Skill points.

The Hero tab in the Hero's Abode displays the equipment that your Hero is currently wearing, and your Hero's level and energy. Here, you can also see bonuses from Skills and equipment, as well as change the Hero's name and Skin.

In the Hero's Skills window, you can see the list of Skills your Hero has mastered, as well as upgrade or reset them.

In the Hero's Sets tab, you can see saved Sets, unlock new Sets by using Memory Points, as well as delete, activate, or replace Sets you currently have. There is also the Bonuses icon, which you can hit to view the current bonuses and Set bonuses. Comparing stats will help you judge which Set will be most useful for you.

Hitting the Hero icon in the upper control panel will allow you to see the Hero's stats.

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