Kingdoms Map

In order to view the Kingdoms Map, you first have to go to the Global Map, then hit the mini-map icon, followed by the Kingdoms Map icon in the upper left part of the screen.

On the Kingdoms Map, you can view:

  • Kingdom's name and number
  • Number of Towns in it
  • Tag and Shield of the ruling Clan
  • Konung's name
  • Whether the King of Jotunheim is in the Kingdom
  • Whether there are leaders of the Jarls' rankings in the Kingdom
  • Whether you can move to the Kingdom by using the Drakkar item

Next to the Kingdom's name, you can see either the icon of the King of Jotunheim or the icon of a Jarl who has taken one of the top 10 places in any category of the Jarls' global ranking.

If the King of Jotunhein is in the Kingdom, the King's icon is displayed next to the Kingdom's name (even if there are Jarls who are among the top places on the Jarls' global ranking in the Kingdom).

If the King of Jotunheim is not in the Kingdom, but several Jarls who are among the top places in various categories of the global ranking are present, their icons are displayed with the following priority:

  • Offenses category
  • Defenses category
  • Influence category
  • Plunders category
  • Performance category

Thus, if Jarls who are among the top places in the Defenses, Influence, and Performance categories of the ranking are in the Kingdom, the icon of the Jarl who is the leader in the Defenses category will be displayed next to the Kingdom's name on the Kingdoms Map.

If neither the King of Jotunheim nor any Jarls who are among the top places in the ranking are in the Kingdom, the corresponding icons will not be displayed.

To learn more about the selected Kingdom, hit its icon.

In the window that opens, you will be able to view:

  • Name, Tag, and Shield of the strongest Kingdom's Clan according to its Influence (or info about your enemy Clan during a Clans Battle)
  • Icon of the Kingdom's Konung
  • Number of Towns in the Kingdom and the date when it was founded
  • Kingdom's Influence (the total Influence of all the Kingdom's Clans)
  • Places in all the categories of the Kingdoms' ranking
  • Number of victories and defeats in global Competitions
  • Kingdom's Repute (if assigned)

If a Kingdom is your enemy in a global Competition, its icon will be highlighted in red in the Kingdom Info window.

You can view any Kingdom's Global Map. To do so, select a Kingdom and hit the "Go to" button in the window that appears.

If you need to find a specific Kingdom by its number, you can do so by hitting the Kingdom Search icon. It is located in the upper part of the screen.

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