Reward for loyalty

The reward for loyalty is a special gift that you receive when you visit the game daily. Its value increases every day. The reward reaches its maximum on the 30th day, but the chain will be broken if you don't claim the reward for the current day.

After claiming the reward for the first day, you can view the rewards that will be given for subsequent days — all the way up to 30. On the 31st day, your progress is reset and you receive the reward for the first day again.

You can claim the reward for loyalty in two ways:

  1. Hit the "Reward for loyalty" icon located above the bottom control panel.
  2. Open the Menu section and hit the "Loyalty reward" icon.

The reward for loyalty can contain boosts, resources, Gold, etc. The reward for each subsequent day will be more valuable than the previous one.

In the "Reward for loyalty" window, you can see a table containing icons for each day (from 1 to 30). The current day's icon is highlighted.

If you've received a reward for the current day, it's marked with a special green marker. The previous days' icons for which you've claimed rewards are marked in the same way. All subsequent days are not marked and are displayed in the regular color. When you select any day's icon, you can view the list of rewards.

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