You need troops in order to defend your Town against enemies, attack other Jarls, yield resources in resource locations, and send reinforcements.

There are five basic troop types:

  • Melee
  • Ranged
  • Cavalry
  • Killers
  • Siege

In addition, there is a special type of troops in the game: scouts. Only scouts can get information in Jarls' Towns and resource locations, as well as defend your Town against other scouts. If you don't have these warriors when an enemy is conducting espionage, you will not receive an invasion report. Scouts only fight other scouts. They cannot fight against other types of troops.

Training troops

You can train your troops in the Barracks. The level and number of these buildings determine the number of warriors you can train simultaneously. If there is only one Barracks left in the Town or the Barracks has an active training process, it cannot be demolished.

You may also receive troops as a reward when opening the Chest of Loki.

To start training warriors, find the Troops tab in the Barracks. There are two types of training: instant (in exchange for Gold) and over time (in exchange for resources). You can reduce training duration by using special boosts, items, and speed-ups.

Troop characteristics

There are eight tiers of troops in total. The tier determines the basic stats of a warrior. Initially, you can train only tier I troops (all types except scouts). In order to train warriors of higher tiers, you need to learn the corresponding Knowledge.

In the Barracks, you can also get information about the warriors you already have. By hitting the pictures of certain warriors, you can view their characteristics: tier and troop type they belong to, their offense, health, and defense stats, cost of upkeep, training duration, speed, and capacity.

Offense refers to how many health and defense points a warrior takes from an opponent during an attack.

Defense refers to how many offense points a warrior can withstand before they start losing health.

Health refers to how many offense points a warrior can withstand before they die.

Unlike other warriors, scouts have zero capacity and cannot yield resources. Their movements cannot be followed on the Global Map.

Warriors of each type have their own strengths and weaknesses. Taking this into consideration, you can form your troops in such a way, that they will be the most effective against enemy troops.

To upgrade the stats of your warriors, you need to learn Knowledge in the Oracle, craft equipment in the Forge, develop Hero's and Shaman's Skills, use Town Skins and VIP status, boosts, Reputes, Aesir, and the Valkyries' Citadel.

Troop upkeep

All warriors consume Food. The amount consumed depends on the tier of the troops: tier I — 1 Food unit per hour, tier II — 2 Food units per hour, etc. The window that displays the stats for each warrior also shows how much Food is needed for that warrior's upkeep.

In order to find out how much Food your entire army is consuming, go to the Statistics tab of the Palace and select Food.

If the amount of Food on the Town screen is marked in red, that means that Food consumption exceeds production. When your Food runs out, nothing will happen to your troops, but you won't be able to train new warriors in exchange for resources, nor will you be able to initiate any process in the Town that requires Food.

When Food consumption starts exceeding production, a notification will appear in the Barracks.

Dismissing troops

In the Shrine of Odin, you can dismiss troops. To do so, go to the "In the Town" tab and select the warriors you would like to get rid of. 

Every warrior trained in the Barracks brings Influence points — the number of points depends on the tier of the warriors. If you dismiss troops or lose them in battle, the Influence stat will decrease.

Mechanics for warriors returning after a battle

20% of warriors who died during a battle are automatically returned to the Town. These 20% are not displayed in reports.

However, in Competitions, when calculating points for the "Killing enemy warriors" Task, the 20% of warriors who return are counted.

Here's an example: let's say you send 1,000 Mercenaries to an enemy Town, and the battle ends in defeat. In this case, you will see the following data in the report: "Losses – 800/1,000."

This means that you actually lost 800 of the 1,000 warriors that you sent, since 200 of the fallen warriors (20%) automatically returned to your Town.

Meanwhile, your opponent will receive points for destroying 1,000 tier I warriors in the "Killing enemy warriors" Task.

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