Constructing the Stronghold

In order to construct its own Stronghold, the Clan needs to fulfill several requirements:

  • The total Influence of all Clan members must be 100M or higher
  • There should be enough resources in the Chief's Town (1B Food, 1B Wood, 750M Iron, 1B Stone, 250M Silver) and Scrolls (10K)

Scrolls are special items that are needed in order to construct and upgrade the Clan Stronghold and its buildings. They are also required in order to learn Knowledge in the Shamans' Residence and craft and upgrade traps in the Trap Workshop. You can purchase Scrolls in the Clan Store using Loyalty Points or as part of Bank offers.

You may also receive them for attacking Uber Invaders. The chance of getting these items depends on the Hero's Skills, learned Knowledge, and equipment and boosts that increase the Hero's military stats during fights with Invaders. The number of all Scrolls you have is displayed in the My Items tab, Resources section.

Only the Clan Chief has the right to construct the Stronghold.

When constructing the Stronghold, you need to consider the following things:

  • The Stronghold occupies 2*2 tiles. There should be no other objects on this territory.
  • The minimum distance to another Stronghold must be 16 tiles.
  • The Clan Fortress cannot be constructed in the Millennial Forest.

Take care when selecting the place to construct your Stronghold. If the construction is canceled, the spent resources will not be returned and the constructed Stronghold cannot be relocated.

If you are a Clan member, you can see more detailed information on the requirements for constructing the Stronghold in the Clan window, the Clan Stronghold section.

Preparing for the Stronghold construction

Resources and Scrolls necessary for the Stronghold's construction are kept in the Clan Chief's Town. Usually, Clan members help the Chief: using the "Send resources" button, they send convoys with the necessary amount of resources and Scrolls.

Using the "Add resources" button, the Chief also contributes to the Stronghold's construction.

If someone successfully attacks the Chief's Town, the Scrolls remain safe, while some of the resources will disappear.

Stronghold construction

Until the Stronghold is constructed, the Chief can see the amount of resources and Influence the Clan has and how much more is needed. As the Clan reaches the necessary number of Influence points, resources, and Scrolls to construct the Stronghold, the Chief can start construction in the chosen location. The construction process will take 12 weeks and 6 days.

The bonuses that the Chief and other Clan members have don't influence the initial time of the Stronghold's construction. However, any Clan member can speed up the process by hitting the "Boost" button or using the Stronghold Boost items.

After the Stronghold is constructed, the Scrolls must be sent to a Clan building — the Resource Storage. It takes one unit of capacity to contribute one Scroll. There is no rate on sending Scrolls. The information about resources and Scrolls collected for the Stronghold construction is displayed in the Clan window, the Clan Stronghold section.

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