Clan Stronghold

The Clan Stronghold is a special Fortress constructed by Clan members.

Inside the Stronghold, you can construct Clan buildings, learn additional Knowledge, study Drafts of Hero's special equipment, produce unique resources necessary for further development of the Clan Fortress, and much more.

The Clan Stronghold is surrounded by the Valley of the Aesir. Clan members get additional bonuses by placing their Towns in this area. To view these bonuses, go to the Statistics tab in the House of Jarls and open the Valley of the Aesir section.

Each Clan can have only one Stronghold. The constructed Stronghold cannot be relocated.

Only the Clan Chief has the right to demolish the Stronghold. The Fortress is demolished instantly, and all its bonuses and resources stored in the Stronghold disappear. If the Clan was disbanded, the Stronghold is considered demolished and it disappears from the Global Map.

Note that the processes taking place in the Clan Stronghold are not influenced by:

  • Bonuses received from Town Skins
  • Bonuses in the Events window
  • Bonuses received for victory in the Kingdoms Battle
  • Boosts (including Second Craftsman and Prophet)
  • Other bonuses of Clan members and allies

Only bonuses that you receive for victory in the Clans Battle global Competition influence processes in the Stronghold.

The Clan Stronghold has its own Influence stat. To increase it, construct and upgrade Stronghold buildings and learn Knowledge in the Shamans' Residence. But remember: the Influence points you receive won't count towards personal and Clan achievements in Competitions, except the Clans Battle Competition.

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