To increase their power, Vikings unite in Clans. Members of these Clans gain the ability to send resources and reinforcement troops to each other, as well as to initiate Onslaughts — joint attacks by Clan members on Towns or Fortresses.

Once they have joined a Clan, Jarls can complete Clan Tasks, purchase items in the Clan Store using Loyalty Points, take part in clan Competitions, and get various rewards and Gold.

In addition, Clan members unite their efforts to construct the Clan Stronghold, which grants them many advantages: Valley of the Aesir bonuses, the ability to create special equipment for the Hero, and more.

Initially, there can be 100 members in a Clan. To increase this limit to 125, study the relevant Knowledge in the Shamans' Residence.

You can find the main information about the Clan in the Clan window. A separate block contains the statistics for the Clan's victories and defeats in the Clans Battle, the number of Influence points, and the Clan's performance stats. By hitting this block, you can view flags with the Clan's position in the Clans Battle, Influence, and "Clan performance" categories in the global ranking.

You can learn more about this in the Rankings section.

In the Clan window, you can also view:

  • Clan Shield
  • Name and userpic of the Clan Chief
  • Clan language and admission type (open, regulated, invite only)
  • Home Kingdom
  • Number of Clan members
  • Coordinates of the Clan Stronghold (if it has been constructed)
  • Clan membership, its statistics, and wall
  • Allied Clan panel

When viewing the information window for your Clan, you can instantly go to the Clan Store or the Stronghold (if it has been constructed). You can also access the Clan's Regulations, Onslaughts, and reports about all Clan members' battles from this window.

The Alliance panel displays information about the allied Clan (if you have one). Read more about this in the Alliances subsection.

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