Joining a Clan

All Clans in the Kingdom are displayed in the List of Clans tab. To find a suitable Clan, you can use the search bar and filters.

There are three Clan admission types: 

  • Open. Anyone can join this type of Clan.
  • Regulated. You need to receive an invitation or send a request to join and wait for a response from the Chief or Elders.
  • Invite only. You can join a Clan with this type of admission only if its Chief or an Elder invites you. The invitation remains valid for seven days and then disappears.

To see invitations from Clans, open the Requests tab in the Clans window. Invitations are only displayed if you are not already a Clan member. 

To invite a Jarl to the Clan, open the Jarl's profile and hit the "Invite to the Clan" button. You can go to the Jarl's profile in various ways: via the Jarl's Town on the Global Map, the common Chat, the Rankings window, or the Membership tab in the other Clan's window. You can only invite Jarls whose home Kingdom is the same as the Clan's.

After you join a Clan, you can:

  • Complete Clan Tasks
  • Participate in Onslaughts, clan, global, and legendary Competitions
  • Help Clan members
  • Make purchases in the Clan Store

Clan members' titles

Each Clan member is assigned one of five titles: Ranker, Warrior, Warlord, Elder, or Chief. Titles provide their own special features for Jarls.

All Clan members from Ranker to the Chief can:

  • Send reinforcement troops
  • Participate in Onslaughts
  • Enter the Clan Stronghold
  • Send resources to clanmates and to the Stronghold
  • Send Scrolls to the Clan Chief during the preparation stage of the Stronghold construction
  • Speed up any processes in the Stronghold
  • Purchase items in the Clan Store
  • Communicate in the Clan Chat
  • Help clanmates and speed up some of their processes, for example, Knowledge learning and building
  • Write and delete their messages on the Clan's wall

The only thing differentiating Warriors and Warlords from Rankers is that they can see whether their clanmates are online or offline.

The Elders have even greater powers, they can:

  • Delete any messages on the Clan's wall
  • Send invitations to join the Clan to other Jarls
  • Replenish the range of items in the Clan Store from the Catalog
  • Start processes and activate Siege status in the Stronghold
  • Change the titles of Clan members lower than them and expel these Clan members from the Clan
  • Change the Clan type
  • Accept or decline requests to join the Clan
  • Change the Clan name, description, and Shield

The Jarl who created a Clan or who received the reins of power from the previous Chief becomes the Clan Chief. In addition to the powers listed above, the Chief can:

  • Transfer power to the new Chief
  • Expel any Jarl from the Clan
  • Disband the Clan
  • Construct the Stronghold and change its name
  • Destroy the Stronghold
  • Edit the Clan Regulations

To change the title of one of their clanmates, an Elder or the Chief needs to:

  1. Open the Clans window
  2. Go to the Membership tab
  3. Hit the "Action" button near the Jarl's name and select "Change title"

To expel a Jarl from the Clan, an Elder or the Chief needs to:

  1. Open the Clans window
  2. Go to the Membership tab
  3. Hit the "Action" button near the Jarl's name and select "Expel from Clan"

If necessary, you can leave your Clan by tapping the "Quit Clan" button in the My Clan tab. But remember that you will only be able to rejoin this Clan after 24 hours have passed. You also cannot quit the Clan or expel someone from it for 24 hours after joining.

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