Runes are used to improve Hero's and Shaman's equipment. In the Rune Workshop, you can create runes from fragments obtained by Shamans, and fuse runes to increase their class. Upgrade the Rune Workshop to reduce the fusing time. The Rune Workshop can be built from Palace level 12.

In the ordinary Workshop, you can inlay runes into the 4th slot of Legendary equipment. Inlaying Hero's or Shaman's equipment with runes will bring you significant bonuses.

You can get rune fragments in two ways:

  • By attacking Ghosts on the Global Map
  • By yielding resources in Ghosts' Shelters

To find out what runes you have, open the Collection tab in the Rune Workshop. Here, you can also see detailed information about rune bonuses.

In addition, the bonuses provided by gems and runes are listed on the forum.

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