Shamans lead troops on marches, adding bonuses to military stats of your warriors, and they also improve economic stats of your Town. Only Shamans are able to banish Ghosts on the Global Map and obtain rune fragments.

A Shaman can participate in marches with or without the Hero.

You can summon Shamans in the Hall of Mysteries. To do so, you will need a certain number of Charms. You can summon several Shamans with various abilities at once, but only one Shaman will be active.

Each Shaman has individual Charms. For example, you will obtain the Charms of Baggi the Big after building the Hall of Mysteries. You can also purchase them in the Bank, get them for Loyalty Points in the Clan Store, or earn them by attacking holiday Invaders.

Charms of other Shamans can be found in the Coffers of Monsters of Jotunheim and in Invaders' Treasures, and also purchased as part of Bank offers. Besides that, you can participate in Ghost Hunt Competitions and get Charms as a reward for passing checkpoints. The number of all the Charms you have is displayed in the My Items tab, Bonuses section.

Shamans are available for summoning from Palace level 12. This means that you can participate in Ghost Hunt and Ghost Banishment Competitions only if your Palace is level 12 or higher.

Charms are also needed to increase a Shaman's Initiation stage and unlock new levels. Every Shaman has a total of 6 Initiation stages and 60 levels.

You can view all necessary information about Shamans, their Skills, abilities, bonuses, and available equipment in the Hall of Mysteries. Upgrading this building increases the amount of experience that the active Shaman receives.

There are two tabs in the Hall of Mysteries. In the Info tab, you will see requirements for upgrading the building and the reward for this action.

The Shamans tab displays your currently active Shaman and the Shamans you've summoned but who are inactive. You can also see a list of all Shamans that haven't been summoned yet.

Hit the Shaman's icon to open the detailed information window about this Shaman. Here you can see the Shaman's level and Initiation stage, amount of power and experience, and slots for equipment. This window also displays information about the Shaman's abilities and other bonuses that improve your Town's stats. To receive more bonuses, you need to develop your Shamans' Skills, increase their Initiation stages, and craft special equipment for them.

By hitting the "Shamans" button, you will be able to summon a new Shaman or select another Shaman from the summoned ones. This button also displays a marker with the number of Shamans who are ready to proceed to the next Initiation stage (if any).

After proceeding to the active Shaman's window, you will see a yellow circle in the lower part of the window. The yellow circle displays the number of Charms needed to increase the Shaman's Initiation stage and the total number of Charms that you already have.

The Shaman's Skills tree is located in the Skills tab of the same window. Hitting the Skill icon opens the information window about it. To upgrade Skills, you need Skill points — Shamans receive them after reaching a new level. Please note: Skill points received by one Shaman cannot be used for another Shaman. You can reset a Shaman's Skill points and redistribute them by applying the Rebirth item.

You can also view a Shaman's stats on the Town map screen. To do so, you need to hit the Shaman icon in the upper control panel.

The Rune Workshop allows you to create runes from fragments obtained by Shamans and fuse them to increase the class of runes. By inlaying runes into Hero's or Shamans' equipment, you'll get substantial bonuses. Upgrading this building reduces the rune fusing time. To build the Rune Workshop, your Palace needs to be at least level 12.

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