Influence is a universal stat that is used to compare the achievements of all Jarls. Jarls' and Clans' rankings are based on Influence.

Influence points are awarded for various actions:

  • Constructing and upgrading buildings
  • Learning Knowledge
  • Completing Quests
  • Training and upgrading warriors
  • Enhancing Aesir
  • Upgrading Hero's and Shaman's levels

Your Influence decreases if you:

  • Dismiss a troop or lose it in battle
  • Demolish a building in the Town
  • Summon a weaker Shaman

To learn detailed information about your Influence points, go to the Statistics tab of the Palace, Influence section.

You can open the Rankings window by hitting the Influence stat icon on the upper panel of the Town screen or by selecting "Rankings" in the Menu.

In the Rankings window, you can view:

  • Your Influence ranking
  • Other Jarls' Influence ranking
  • Clan Influence ranking

Your position in this ranking is determined based on your current Influence. The number of Influence points can both increase and decrease. If, for example, some of your warriors were killed, you will lose the Influence points they gave you.

Clan Influence consists of the total number of Influence points of all Clan members and Stronghold Influence. To increase the Stronghold Influence, construct and upgrade buildings in it and learn Knowledge in the Shamans' Residence.

In Competitions, Clans are divided into Leagues according to their Influence.

You can start constructing the Stronghold only if the total Influence of the Clan's members reaches 100M. To participate in the Clans Battle global Competition, the total Influence of the Clan's members should be at least 1B.
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